Our mission

Camlle's mission is to offer clothing respectful of local producers, the environment and the women who wear them.

We want to dress all women, regardless of their shape, and that is why we offer a “semi made-to-measure” service. There are as many silhouettes as women in the world, so why is there only twenty sizes in the fashion industry? For us, it never really made sense. It will therefore always be possible to have your Camlle clothes altered while you’re making your purchases, so that you can have a garment that is the perfect size: yours!

Camlle stands out for their desire to make durable and timeless clothing, which you should consider as a long-term investment. In addition, it is important for the company to produce ethically, ecologically and locally, as well as to convey a healthy body image by showing real women without retouching. Eco-responsible and sustainable fabrics are also always favored when developing our collections.

Camlle is :

– An ethical brand selling ”semi made-to-measure” women clothing
– A styling and alterations service included in the price of each item of clothing
– A website where it is easy to customize your order
– Trainings offered to retailers employees so they can take alterations and measurements correctly
– A company promoting a healthy body image
– A local production (Clothing proudly made in Montreal)
– Organic and ecological fabrics

The Camlle Team

Dessin de femme en tailleur

Camille Boisvert

Designer & Founder

A.K.A. The person responsible for designs, patterns, sewing, social medias, website updates, bookkeeping, coordination with retailers, cleaning and all other tasks related. Also a nonchanlant model in their spare time.

Dessin d'homme à lunettes

Benoit Robert

Technical Support (IT)

A.K.A. The person who is blamed for all technical problems. Also called "Miracle Worker".

Dessin d'homme en coton ouaté

Olivier Boisvert

Web Designer & Multimedia Consultant

A.K.A. The person whose productivity increases between 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning. Also responsible for the production and editing of promotional videos. Those who look professional, not the other ones.

Dessin d'homme en chemise

Erik Bouchard


A.K.A. The person who has to explain all the accounting terms just like they would to a 5 year old child. Also responsible for moral support.

Dessin de femme avec un pinceau

Anne-Marie Boisvert

Art & Event Consultant

A.K.A. The person who gives their opinion on the designs, concepts and strategies of the company, who sends a ton of videos, gifs of cute cats and images of inspiration to the team on Instagram and who provides a great help (and their truck) for Camlle events.